Protein – casein or whey. Which one to choose?

In the life of any active person who goes to the gym or plays various sports, the presence of protein is necessary.

Casein or whey protein. What is the difference?

Protein is the most important component of our body for the normal functioning of the whole body, and for athletes it is the main building material for muscle cells. Even after proper nutrition, it is not always possible to get the right amount of protein, food is digested for a long time, and in order to get the necessary norm, it is necessary to eat a large amount of food. To alleviate this problem, a protein was made.

In modern society, we should understand that it is a useful additive, but there are still those who have no information and think that it comes from chemistry and only harms. So, let’s find out what it is and what proteins exist.

Types of protein

If you decide to buy a protein, you need to know more. The sources of protein production are animal and vegetable products. This protein undergoes a process of purification from fats and carbohydrates, filtration and drying. Therefore, the types are different, and in the sports nutrition store, you may be confused and find it difficult to choose. There are several varieties:

  • Whey protein (concentrate, isolate and hydrolyzate). It is obtained from whey, which remains during the production of cottage cheese and other dairy products. Differs in the degree of purification and the speed of assimilation.
  • Milk protein. Derived from milk, it contains a mixture of whey proteins and casein.
  • Casein. The protein has a sustained release rate, it has a long absorption time, which is excellent for the night nutrition of the athlete’s body.
  • Micellar casein. Contains micelles, which form a clot in the stomach and feed on amino acids for up to 8 hours or more.
  • Soy protein. Derived from soybeans, suitable for vegetarians, vegans and lactose intolerant people. Due to the presence of fibers in the composition, they are absorbed for a long time.
  • Meat protein. It is obtained mainly from beef, due to its high cost it is not very popular.
  • Egg protein. Derived from egg protein, it has high bioavailability and perfectly nourishes muscle cells.

As you can see, there are many varieties of protein and each person can choose individually for themselves. Depending on the goal and the desired result. A set of muscle mass, lose weight without harming the body or increase the amount of protein in the diet.

Whey protein

Whey protein

Whey protein is obtained from whey, purified from carbohydrates and fats, then goes through the filtration stages, dried and the powder we know is ready. Whey protein is divided into whey protein concentrate (digested about an hour and a half), isolate (more purified protein, virtually no carbohydrates and fats, digested up to an hour) and whey hydrolyzate (partially digested protein, does not contain fat and carbohydrates, whose absorption takes up to 20-30 minutes).

Benefits of whey protein

  • Contains a complete set of amino acids necessary for the normal functioning of the body;
  • It is absorbed faster and nourishes with the necessary proteins;
  • Form new muscle fibers;
  • It is convenient to close the protein-carbohydrate window;
  • You can take it with you and drink after exercise;
  • It mixes easily in any kind of liquid.

When and how to take whey protein?

The best time to take it is in the morning, between meals and after exercise. In the morning – to nourish the body with useful substances after sleep to prevent catabolism. After training: close the protein window and maintain the muscles after hard work. Between meals: an extra source of protein throughout the day.

During the weight loss period, it is recommended to replace a meal with a protein shake, this reduces the calorie intake but increases the protein level, which is beneficial for weight loss.

If you decide to buy whey protein, depending on the manufacturer, the portion size may vary. On average 1 serving = 30 g (measuring spoon). It should be mixed with 250-300 ml of water or milk. Take 2-3 times a day for maximum results on your goal.

Casein protein

Casein protein

The same protein that gives cottage cheese its usual shape. Slow-release casein, when ingested, forms a blood clot that nourishes the muscles with important amino acids for a long time. There are two types: calcium caseinate, with added calcium, and micellar casein. You can read more about each type on our blog in the article “What is a protein”.

Benefits of casein protein

In sports nutrition stores there is a large selection of caseins and what their benefits are:

  • Nourishes the body for a long time (during sleep, on a long trip, etc.);
  • Gives a feeling of satiety, which is helpful in the weight loss stage;
  • Helps the body recover.

When and how to take casein protein?

It is recommended to take this type of protein immediately before bedtime or during a prolonged absence of food. One serving should be mixed with 250-300 ml of water or milk and drunk as needed.

Which protein is better to use whey protein or casein?

Which protein is better to use whey protein or casein?
  • Both options should be drunk depending on your goal.
  • If you know that for a long time you will not be able to eat and nourish your body at night, you should buy casein.
  • After training, it is best to take whey protein. it will be quickly absorbed and you will get all the useful substances.